What is WRAPS? 

Kansas WRAPS offers a framework that engages local citizens and other stakeholders in a teamwork environment aimed at protecting and restoring Kansas watersheds.

The WRAPS program is unique because the natural resource agencies of Kansas,
supported by the Environmental Protection Agency, are seeking local input from citizens on how to best manage and protect our watersheds and water resources.

Members help identify watershed problems, identify goals for watershed improvement and assist in creating a watershed management plan to assure a safe, dependable water supply for future generations.   

If you are a landowner in the Upper Walnut Watershed above El Dorado Lake and would like to be involved in this project, please contact Sandy Koontz at 316-320-3549 or you can email her at sandy.koontz@ks.nacdnet.net.

Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS)  

Rangeland Gully Survey Final Report

September 2017 WRAPS Newsletter

Stream Bank/Stream Channel Survey Final Report

Overview of WRAPS 9 Element

Watershed Management Plan

Map Showing Water Monitoring Sites on

Streams above El Dorado Lake