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Severe soil erosion problems in the “Dust Bowl” days prompted the passage of Conservation District Law by the Kansas Legislature in 1937, which lead to the formation of conservation districts in Kansas. Butler County Conservation District was established in 1945. 

Butler County Conservation District Supervisors

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)and Conservation District Staff

Conservation - Development - Self Government

L-R:   Carey Fieser - NRCS Soil Conservation Technician, Sandy Koontz - Water Quality/WRAPS Coordinator/District Secretary, Justin Kneisel - NRCS District Conservationist, Jeff Parks - NRCS/Department of Conservation Soil Conservation Technician, Brenda Nyberg - District Manager 

We are the primary local unit of government responsible for the conservation of soil, water and related natural resources within Butler County.

L - R:  Ryan Locke - El Dorado, Daryl Regier - Whitewater, Russell Janzen - Whitewater,

Walter Burress - Augusta, Richard Scott - El Dorado

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